"(4 stars out of 5) This self-titled release by Culture Canute & the Rockstone Players definitely has an old-school roots reggae aesthetic... Canute is quite faithful to that old-school reggae perspective on earthy, spiritually minded offerings such as Straight Safe Line, Lift My Spirit, Whom Shall I Fear and Peace of Mind. Anyone who fancies the classic roots reggae of artists like the Mighty Diamonds, Sugar Minott, the Abyssinians and Burning Spear should have an easy time getting into this album (which often has an ethereal and very mystical quality).... Canutes album doesnt pretend to point reggae in any new directions; he is old-school all the way, and fans of 1970s/1980s Jah music will find it to be an agreeable and pleasing listen."
-Alex Henderson (Alex Henderson is a veteran journalist/music critic whose work has appeared in Billboard, Spin, The L.A. Weekly, Creem, HITS, Jazziz, JazzTimes, CD Review, Skin Two, Black Radio Exclusive)

"Chuck...I just wanted to thank you again for the great product and your general disposition during our session...It was enlightening to work with someone who didn't have their head stuck up their ass!! KUDO'S BRO"
-Ronnie Buzzell (Vocalist, 6 Degrees)

"Way to go on remixing that track. The whole thing sounds really sweet. Whatever you did really did the trick. Didn't need any EQ!"
-Dana White (Specialized Mastering)

"These drum sounds are amazing!"
Jaime Durr (Bay Area Engineer- Tiny Telephone, Hyde Street "C")

"Feastful!!!! Sounds great...Thanks Chuck, you are a Jedi producer!"
Paul Bozzi (Michael Cleary Band)

"ANYTHING ELSE has a CD out called "Torch Songs". When I recieved it in the mail I was very impressed because it's all professionally made. Not every CD I get in the mail has that quality. You could definitely tell these guys listen to all those great classic rock bands. The sound that's produced by them is amazing, original. A band doesn't really come to mind what they sound like"
-Ali (NJYU)

"It's getting air play on National Public Radio as well as other stations throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, Italy and who knows where else... You've genuinely exceeded my expectations"
-Mike Rosado (Guitarist/Co-producer 9th Wave)

"You have really taken it to the next level!"
-Jim Romanow (fellow producer/engineer)

"Chuck Rubano... Why? Cuz he's a good guy. I'm working on a GNO project in his studio. He really knows his craft and he's a pleasure to work with."
-Ludent Tremmel (Bandleader, GNO)

"We were in the studio over the weekend recording our original Can't Escape for the compilation CD. We would like to thank Chuck Rubano the producer/engineer for his hospitality while we were recording there. [He] did a fantastic job with our recording and we will be back there in late November to finish."
-Mike Mingle (Bandleader, Hi Speed Steel)

Zombies vs. Robots! 5-song CD (available from and
"Five tracks of ska/metal/punk with a musical nod of girth at Mephiskapheles. There aint many of these bands left. Full horns that dont suck, some manic paced, ADD upstroke chords, damn good samples (from Night of the Living Dead? But the remake?) and a cool concept. This works because even with the seriosity of the chugging guitars, you know these cats are laughing. The acoustic title track ... n-i-i-i-i-i-ice; sea shanty-esque and funny to boot, yo. A solid listen from a band that keeps going and eating up ears like some zombie Mike Tyson. And remember, dead girlfriends cant break up with you."
-Craig Gilbert (New Haven Advocate)

FOCUS THE FURY - The Flaming Tsunamis sophomore release
"We just finished recording with Chuck Rubano at his studio and I would just like to say 'AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' this CD came out way better than we could have ever expected and has come a long way from our last one. We our very proud of it, and hope everyone gets a chance to pick up a copy..."
-Andy Tabar (kill.normal.records)

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